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for years it ended at gary and it never crossed four, five years ago. and now it that has, it works it proves that it works. and so the dwo people of the area there are trying to get ahead of what went wrong and the legislation is great and we appreciate it. >> when we came into office, we had the second highest homicide rate in the city and second or third highest and 20 yearses previously and the highest drop in violent crime in our area and the city holding steady for two years and there are definitely areas of concern and some time, but we pounce on it and the first thing was to try to arrest any of the public safety issues so that it would lend confidence to the merchant corridor and the people who live in the area and want to come into the area. it is a great place to be. one of the most historical places of san francisco, unlike anything else west of the mississippi. it was the epicenter of the african-american community and where the japanese-american community is and not fair what has been done but something we can go to help with the grievances of the past in little ways and this is just that little way. president olague: we have one
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more commissioner who would like to weigh in. commissioner sugaya. commissioner sugaya: i was reminded in a comment about the j-town bowl and the replacement structure has retail space on the bottom that has not been leased for a long time -- >> been rebuilt. >> right. and in the walking tour it was pointed out that the koern property or corner retail space will be a dental office. and that was done while it was still under redevelopment agency's jurisdiction and i think now probably would not be allowed or maybe it would be. i don't know the exact zoning for that and this is the concern of the supervisors and the community and those on stour and a key retail space is a dental office and that is a concern to
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everybody. >> it would not be included, but if you want to add an addendum, i would be happy to support it. commissioner sugaya: maybe we'll recommend that. commissioner antonini: supervisors, i wanted to add on the other use and the small office and sometimes the professional might be appropriate depending on their size and i see you have restricted the depth and size of these and come to where they are appointments and go to the retail and i know there is a lot of va can sis and unfortunately many of the filling places can't do anything that and to think about a way to craft it narrowly
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and with the medical professional offices and not bring in things that would not keep the area vibrant. and many retail will close at 6:00 or 7:00 anyway as do many of the business and professional offices which is something to think about. >> and post redevelopment and down the corridor is restaurants and restaurants and areas that go past #:00 p.m. and i can't tell you if it will have the desired effect and there is room for more in that area. >> and something you utilize the up floors and other uses and restaurants cannot and there is plenty of vacancy. >> okay. and not below the store front and i don't want to replace anybody. i want it all for the community,
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but i believe it has to be proportionally zoned to have it that way. commissioner antonini: 1300 fillmore very, very good and a lot of other ones a quite good. president olague: thank you for your time. >> appreciate it. we have one speaker card. tom? >> thank you for bringing this forward and giving us an opportunity to work with you. i'm the executive director of livable city ands that a great illustration of the reason why we need controls on building form and building use and last year there was an ordinance that
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extended these to the residential commercial districts and mixed use districts to say on the ground floors we want building forms that create transparency and visual interest, etc., to try to do the tall commercial ground floors and have a lot of glass and transparency and the human scale and may not be the norm uses if you have residential uses and you have individual entrances meeting the street, et. and that is a revolution and this is a separate question. if you walk down that stretch, the store fronts are attractive and even with doors but they have been given over to uses not appropriate on the ground floor. and to be blocked up or papered up and everyone is gone at night and there is a no man's land later on and this would restrict
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the uses to a smaller group of uses and love the can having about redevelopment. i think we should have one planning code and every redevelopment area should use the planning code and at 5:00 when you talk to the people you ask why aren't they using the planning code and we ran into the problem over and over again to re-integrate some 40-year-old planning document back into the planning code and continuing to grow and evolve and a great conviction and we probably don't need two commissions and you should take over redevelopment. >> i agree. >> we like the staff recommendations in terms of the other self-service and ask for another amendment to this which is the limitation on specialty food service and uses being at -- anyway, limited to 10 and this is the bakeries and calf face and serve some of it on
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sight and limited to 10 period. and we are wondering these are great businesses that employ people in the making and great uses and to create vision to the ordinance and get rid of the limitation and we're not quite sure why the bakeries have to be limited and 10 is fine. and so if you consider stretching that line from the definition of the specialty food service, it would be great and goes in the direction and the other ordinances in terms of creating the secretscape. president olague: and if you can stick around for the discussion, some might have questions for you. >> public comment is closed. >> i'm going to make a motion. president olague: i'm sorry. did you want to speak?
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i didn't notice that. i'm going to let them. there are a few people who want to speak to this. >> i amgen manager of fillmore center and we're all for vitality and traffic coming into the fillmore but we oppose the use of restriction on the first floor. right now it would be hurtful if all the vacant store fronts had just right now there's no rating list on boutiques and restaurants and store there is and we don't want to restrict. we don't want to restrict the use of the first floor. thank you. >> thank you if any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. commissioner shug sugaya. commissioner sugaya: i was going to make a motion to recommend approval with conditions if that is the right term. >> i'm second. commissioner sugaya: and just like to have staff take a look at -- we can't extend this because this is nc-3 but i think ja pantown if i can make it out here is nc-2 and i don't know if -- i assume because it got done, so to speak, under redevelopment that the approval is already there and interesting to note it's not in a dental office and is allowed and unrestricted at this point and report back at some point and interested in considering what tom said with respect to whatever specialty retail and maybe there's a
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reason for that. >> the staff did consider that request and this commission probably about a month ago requested staff go back and analyze all the restaurant definitions because we have a later ordinance coming before you sponsored again to make restaurant tweaks and we have a working group and we are asse assessing the restaurant definition and we recommend we hold off and wait for the restaurant definitions. president olague: commissioner moore? commissioner moore: did anybody second the motion? commissioner moore: is there anybody from business development who could start examining whot out there and interested in the new uses of
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the billmore and the department it prepared to have a smaller, business oriented sign for that area. and if it happens, this would not result in a large time of the vacant store front. president olague: just a clarification. commissioner antonini: on the paperwork it says the movie theaters would not be allowed. is that correct? >> that is correct. it would not be considered around the supervisor's proposal. commissioner antonini: i'm going to support this, but it might got to the supervisor for modification after this. >> your recommendation is
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transmitted to the full board and the spoon sorg supervisor indicates to the city attorney if they would like to accept your modifications regardless of whether the sponsor or supervisor accepts them, the department staff presents your recommendations to the land use committee and that committee makes a final decision on what should be sent to the full board. commissioner antonini: i am going to be supportive sthub noted and he seemed to think it was and apparently not as written and i am not saying there will be that use, but it's possible there could be and i don't see a problem with that. the other thing ai am not clear about is we know financial services are allowed but how about a realtor? would that be considered a business use or would that be an allowable use? >> i believe that is office use. >> again, that may be something that normally would be more comfortable on the ground floor where they have visibility and commercial streets and it might
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be beneficial. and to recommend that we at least i would like the supervisors to take a look at it and allow office use and neighborhoods serving offices as the realtor would be. president olague: it doesn't seem like that we're getting a consensus among the commissioners. and i don't know how we would address that and that would be something added to the motion we wouldn't move forward to the supervisor and if there is a will of the commissioners to accept the amendments to the motion at this time. commissioner borden? commissioner borden: i would say the past 40 years to locate in the district if they wanted to in realtors and if they haven't, they probably don't intend to do it and i would say that not a
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real fear and same thing with the movie theater and don't see a fear that they are dying in there and if one was to come about, aim sure they would be supportive in finding a way to do that. and to create a more hospitalable environment and feels like a neighborhood with restaurants and shops and more attractive in the space overall. and with the neighborhood coming back and even hayes street and the transformations have happened to create uses on the ground floor and more susceptible to a neighborhood feel. that is really what we're trying to do here in the long run and will help in the ability to lease up the space. and i wanted to mention there is an organization and i asked the supervisor about urban solutions which is a nonprofit organization on sixth street and fillmore. and they help to work with small
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businesses and to help them locate the corridors and work on the facade improvements and help them learn how to negotiate with the landlords and a number of merchants in the corridor now with the urban and i sit on the advisory board so i know about the organization and there are organizations working to improve the corridors in the legislation that will go a long way in helping them in that regard. president olague: it would be great to hear from mowd in the redevelopment areas with a later hearing or something with a memo from staff. commissioner amount ant? commissioner antonini: i'm going to be supportive but generally believe that the resieshl uses
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and restrict t it more might have a desirable effect and things that have happened under the scenario and pointed out that the restaurants that are drawing people in there and certainly people drawn in and other businesses and people see it might be desirable and think maybe we're going to want to live there and to some degree along fillmore and that is what' going to drive it and i don't see any harm with this as long
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as it isn't restrictive it that excludes the businesses or uses that might end up adding vitality to the neighborhood and as a supervisor pointed out, many of the upper floor uses. and if it's something that requires a ground floor use and take a close look to make sure you don't exclude something that could be desirable. president olague: commissioner moore? >> on the motion to approve the resolution in the packet. [roll call vote] president olague: we're going to take a 10-minute recess. >> thank you.
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